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*In most cases, transfers are free. However, a small cost recovery fee may be charged in select cases.

1 SGD = 1.0000

*In most cases, transactions are free. However, a small cost recovery fee may be charged in select cases.

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Everything you need to know about sending money to Australia

Sign up for a free Wandr-E account online or on our Mobile app. Use Singpass Myinfo to sign up instantly! Once your account has been confirmed, you may easily send money to Hong Kong. Simply add a recipient by selecting ‘Recipients’ from the main menu before initiating money transfers by selecting the ‘Send’ button.

Learn how to add a recipient by clicking here.

Learn how to create a fund transfer by clicking here.

Yes, all transfers made through the Wandr-E mobile application or online platform have a minimum transfer amount of SGD 5 and a maximum transfer amount of SGD 25,000 per transaction. Preferential exchange rates are available for transfers above SGD 25,000. For further information, please email us at

We provide bank transfer to Hong Kong.

Description of delivery service:

Bank transfer:Your money will be credited to the designated recipient’s bank account.

The fund transfer process will commence once Wandr-E receives the payment. The estimated service time shown below assumes that the payment has been received before the payment cut-off period (if applicable) and that there are no delays from any parties involved.

Bank transfer

For Hong Kong, delivery of bank transfer funds will be available within 5 minutes.

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